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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

Lynn said, "I agree with all you wrote, above, at the start "of this thread, freeman.""

Mary's translation: "I am ignoring the rest."
Didn't you like the rest of the thread, Lynn?

You and your attitude, dearie. You remind me of a spiteful woman, who just has to get her digs in while appearing prim and proper, no matter how valid the point you are making, may be.

Can't you just be nice woman? WE all are a part of this forum, whether you choose to acknowledge that fact or not.

And to further comment on what you said....

I agree with you AND women are behaving just as bad, like "hot-asses" these days. It's not only the men who are acting like whores.... Get your Britney on is what we're teaching the young.


P.S. I'm gonna cross-check whenever you play dirty, sweetie, every time. We all need to play nicely and I very rarely miss a trick.
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