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Default Re: Synchronicities In Films should spend some time trying to understand these sighns and what they mean to you. Repeated things like that need some time spent on them.

Would you believe that last night...for the first time EVER...4 ants crawled up the wall next to me as I sat on the computer! :-D

55132...that movie scared the daylights out of me. The poms put one out at the same time called "Threads". The purpose to me has always been to imtimidate people rather than educate them in any way...these movies were put accross as "educational". At least in Oz they were.

Actually, for the most part, you refrain yourself from speaking foul quite well. I should know, cuz I do it more than you, not to mention my clever location on every post.
True. You are the master but waning in your old age.

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