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Default Re: Suspicious Levee Break Pattern

sablefish wrote:
I don't doubt that the Bush bunch would do this to us.. It's just that I don't see a pattern in the above images.. Has there been anybody that can substantiate reports of a barge crunching a levee or explosions destroying things, or have they all been suicided?.. Hi freeman
4. In an exclusive bulletin on Cloak and Dagger, we told how the Bushies' Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), sabotaged the levee which holds back the nearby lake from swamping below-sea-level New Orleans. More than 25 eyewitnesses to this treason are primarily but not exclusively blacks. FEMA operatives vowed to find these finger-pointers and snuff them out. A friendly foreign power is keeping the witnesses safe.

Sablefish, the pattern is the fact that
there are three levee breaks and
the spacing of the levee breaks and the location
of the levee breaks. Very convenient
for maximum and quick damage.
For an analogy consider if an arsonist
lit a large wooden building structure
on fire. If you started three fires,
one at each end and one in the middle
the structure would go up in flames
a lot quicker and
do more damage than if just one fire
was started at one end.
My eyeballs popped out when I first
saw it, I thought it very suspicious.

Best Regards, Rushdoony
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