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>> This revolution is an ongoing evolution of Capitalism into Socialism, which will eventually lead to the implementation of a self-regulating, classless society.

In your dream, perhaps. (Or, if God sets up residence on this planet and manages His property by Himself)
Permanent revolution was invented to keep the masses in permanent turmoil, not to settle them down in a wonder land. And all the bullies, robber barons, captains of industry, etc., will just quietly settle down next to the replicator and sip synthetic whisky and watch some holo-show.

There is no evolution of species, and there is no evolution of societies. Society doesn't have genes that force it to develop into something without, or even in spite of, its own volition. The alleged evolution of stone-age communal societies into slave holding societies, then into feudalism, than to capitalism, then to socialism, then to communism is an invention of Marx. Socialism was given to us by aristocrats and monopoly capitalist. It wasn't some sort of natural development, desired by the masses down below. (Socialism can only survive on the back of capitalism, otherwise there is no one to tax for the socialist programs. There is no socialism in Bangladesh because there is no capitalism there, either)

What did the people want before the Great French Revolution :

I. The French government is monarchic.
II. The person of the King is inviolable and sacred.
III. His crown is hereditary from male to male.

On these three Points the cahiers were unanimous, and the great majority were agreed on the following :

IV. The King is the depositary of the executive power.
V. The agents of authority are responsible.
VI. The royal sanction is necessary for the promulgation of the laws.
VII. The nation makes the laws with the royal sanction.
VIII. The consent of the nation is necessary for loans and taxes.
IX. Taxes can only be imposed from one meeting of the States-General to another.
X. Property is sacred.
XI. Individual liberty is sacred.

[ From Nesta Webster's "The French Revolution" ]

And what did they get from the top down, oh-so-educated revolutionaries ? We know very well.

It is not the people who want internationalism and socialism (especially not spontaneously), but subversive elements spreading subversive ideas among the people. And these subverters are generally not working class individuals (they are too busy earning a living), but petite bourgeois, paid for by some big bourgeois.

It was not natural development, but brutal force that made the government in Washington the monster it became. And it is hook and crook, lie and cheat that is used to set up that monster government in Brussels.

The game plan is to set up the new Atlantis
Read Mr. Hall or Mr. Pike
And what was the old Atlantis ? We don't have much information, from what I read it was a bee-hive-like slave state in which the state was god, and the worship of the state was the mandatory state religion. There was a ruling class, a drone (civil servant) class, and a whole bunch of worker bees. The island of Atlantis ruled over a planet-wide empire.
In any case, this is exactly what they are preparing for us these days.

A slave owner (or a dog owner for that matter) protects his investment and takes it to a doctor (or veterinarian) occasionally; he also trains (or takes him to obedience school) his slave to be an useful tool. So is the socialist/slave state. It takes the children from the parents and sends them to early child-care, day-care, this school that school, and train him/her to be an useful speaking tool. For the purpose of school is not just to teach the children to read and write and arithmetic, but to raise them up to a fine piece of cog in the machinery of the state.
So much for public education and health care and public housing.

In 1972 Gary Allen observed that even though 99% of Americans claimed to be anti-communist, hardly any of them knew what communism was (and what he was opposing); almost all of them considered socialism inevitable.

Today it is the same. People claim to be opposed to the new world order, yet they don't know what it is; and accept, what's more embrace, the socialism that the nwo brought to us; the same socialism which is but a stage on our way to the nwo (communism), universal republic.

The opposite of the NWO is a small nation-state with a small and limited government; Something like Switzerland. Or the ward system that was desired by Jefferson, but could not achieve.
[Letter to John Cartwright, June 5, 1824; to Joseph Cabell 1816, February 2.]

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