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Default Re: Suspicious Levee Break Pattern

I think there comes a time when you stop being amazed and the concrete fact that the disaster was COMPLETELY man made in the sense of the chaos that followed the storm.

The desire to "break up" groups by law enforcement shows the following of the standard crowd control script.

I often wonder about the many flow on effects of the Iraq war, one of which will be a pool of soldiers available to keep order in the cities...who have been desensitised to killing and who's hearts have been hardened. Look out!

The key is local control of the situation where neighbours are looking after neighbours. The law enforcement officer must be your neighbour otherwise he will kill you.

The point of bringing in the U.N is you will have soldiers from other countries...who have no connection to you...and they will kill you.

I am now convinced. This is the end of the beginning and the start of the beginning of the end.

Anyone who can get out should. You have a couple of years.

I will tell you...all "Yank Bashing" aside...this could NOT happen in Oz. NEVER. Law enforcement sending women with babies back into squalor? Taking food and water? Threatening with guns? NEVER. I know ALOT of coppers and military personel. NEVER.

WTF has happened to America?
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