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Ha ha ha ha can do.

I like woman alot for a variety of reasons. But it's gone far enough. Time for old fashioned values with the man at the head of the family...but a man worth following and who loves and respects his woman and her role as care giver.

I've worked in male dominated jobs like the mining industry and also in the female domain of Nursing. I have spoken to women on this subject HUNDREDS of times. HUNDREDS!!!!! NOT 1 has EVER said to me that she would prefer career over family. EVER.

They work because they cannot afford not to work. The social engineer's have far...but a backlash is coming.

I'm starting volunteer work at the local community t.v station. Hope to do some roving reporting by asking people in the street their views on the subjects we discuss here. A main one will be a womans role in society.
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