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Default Re: PM outlines tougher anti-terrorism laws

Just how ridiculous is this?

This is a perfect example of why the ENTIRE war on terror is a FRAUD.

There are currently perfectly good laws that deal with the issues raised.

For instance, if I threaten to kill the Primeminister or anyone else, I can be charged with "threatening to kill". A serious charge.

There are 3000 ASIO field agents in this country and hundreds of Federal Police. If an individual is suspected of engaging in "terrorist activities"...they can be legally surveilled and evidence brought against them in a court of law.

It's quite simple really.

Instead, we get the useless and totally incompetent fools in the F.P and ASIO pulling off stunts like ringing the media to film them "breaking up a terrorist cell"...which resulted in...nothing. Because there was no terrorist cell. Just little Empire builders in the beauracracy desperate for publicity to maintain their budgets and mortgage repayments.

What a joke on the Australian people. But like the fools they are...they fall for it.

Australians LOVE to bag the Yanks as dumb and stupid. They might want to look in the mirror.
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