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Default Re: D.R.A.F.T. video

It's a complex fiasco.

On the stuff up side...9-11 did'nt help. Howard waited for things to improve, they did'nt. Telstra spent NOTHING on infrastructure for 5 years while it fattened itself up for has fallen flat on it's face and now the chickens have come home to roost.

I have friends in TELSTRA at the tech end. It is a DISASTER!

The 3 amigo's knew EXACTLY what they were doing. I feel it's nothing more than blackmail of the mums and dads cannot have a government half owned entity, it's ridiculous. Trujilo is trying to force the governments, i have heard whispers that Costello may be in on something and trying to get rid of Howard.

More will come of this.

If you're into shares, wait for them to hit $3 then buy up. The news will only get better. Massive investment will be pouring into Oz over the coming years as people search for safe havens.

Oz fits the bill. An island continent with MASSIVE resources and a stable western government. Low population and low levels of polloution. Already mobs of Northern hemosphere elite are pouring in and bringing their money with them.

I assure you, if you have the ability, fortunes can be made here over the next 5-10 years...though it may not do you much good given the times we live.
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