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Default Re: French Quarter keen to open for business

Good thing, for them, that we ALL knew the levee couldn't withstand a category three or above.

How long have THEY been telling us this?

How long have THEY failed to repair it?

Oh, well, more conditioning!!

I mean, with decades of telling us the same thing over and over again, how then, do you propose that it was sabatoged?

We all knew a natural disaster could wipe New Orleans off the map.

The sheeple accept this!!! Conspiracy theorists are lunatics!!

On another note, our President works for the Bankers, not the people.

"The House that Lord/Sir Rothschild Built."

We are forced to fund their crimes.

They have successfully carried out "population reduction" in three Gulf States consising of the poor, sick, elderly and their least favorite, African Americans.

These people do not contribute to society. Like you've said, they are considered "useless eaters."

Taking up space and not very good slaves. They don't produce for them.

We are now "footing" another massive debt; forcing us to borrow from them to pay for their destruction in New Orleans.

In addition, the money is pouring in through charitable foundations and anywhere you go. Stores, etc.

Contracts to rebuild? Kind of like double-taxation which is ongoing in this country.

How many more homeless people does our country have today??
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