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Default Re: TV-news meteorologist says Katrina man-made

freeman wrote:
This Russian/Japanese Mafia theory doesn't explain the deliberate scheme to withhold dederal Assistance.
"dederal Assistance." No wonder they withheld it!!!

Well, wouldn't that be because Bush wanted to federalize the National Guard and the Governor stood her ground???

Basically, if this occurred, would set precedent to to the same in all states most likely trial run.

Seizing control of military forces from local and state government/federalizing them.

He basically left New Orleans to drown and die along with Mississippi as she was pleading for help. Why? Because she refused to be give up control of her State.

Seize power by stripping the state of their authority and control and usher in "Martial Law."

Gotta be a reason somewhere. Besides, the fact that they like to watch people suffer and will allow people to suffer if they don't get what they want. Trust me. I know!!!

That's the best I can do right now!!
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