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Default Re: Why Aren't They Using the Concentration Camps?

Hey, true, on that guy McAlpine:

You got the info on him from David Icke?

You can't believe a guy who claims alien lizards rule our world???
Yeh o.k! Enough! I was waiting for that one. I still say he's a tosser.:-) Heard him interviewed by Alex Jones...VERY defensive! Not very articulate when challenged. NOT impressed with him.

As for concentration camps...we've had them in Oz for a few years. In the middle of nowhere...refugee's who come by boat from all over the world are stuck straight in their. No white people of course. Little kids, babies...terrible conditions.

The joke is, that on average...%80 will be granted refugee status. They spend years in their. They have only just started allowing mothers and kids out into the community. I've met some of these people through the hospital system...absoloute horror stories! HUGE scars over their bodies, torture marks...terrible. But, they be "Muzzies" and peices of shit so...who cares? You wont see "whitey" in their.

Just wait FREEMAN. Being locked up does strange things to a person. Put decent people behind wire for spurious reasons and you will get a riot...and many deaths.

I spent 8 days on remand awaiting sentencing at a maximum security prison here in Oz. I'm a big guy and know the streets well. I had nothing to fear on the physical level. However, it really fucked with my mind. For the first 3 days I had a ball...going through ALL the process's, being stripped searched, tight security restrictions. Meeting hard core multi millionair drug dealers who were in the process of paying their way out, been all over the world and by the way they talked had serious connections...George Jung (movie "Blow") is right, go in with a Bachelor in Marijuana and come out with a pHD in Heroin. However, after 3 days I got really edgy and felt the most OVERWHELMING depression and sense of helplessness. "I could not leave." The STATE had me by the balls. My "liberty" was taken and their was NOTHING I could do about it. I understand what that word "l-i-b-e-r-t-y" means now.

I will never cage an animal. Never.

Imagine you are FORCED into one of these camps. You are an upstanding citizen. Imagine you have a family outside or indeed are in their with you? NO man is going to tolerate it. I assure you. Their will be riots and deaths. Thousands of them. The words..."I know my rights" will mean nothing. Add in a nice load of national gaurd just back from Iraq...hardened...good luck.

Recipe for mass murder.
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