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Default Re: Hitler was a Jew!!!

Dont buy it.

I've never read a credible account of Hitlers "Jewishness".

A desire to minimalise him as just a funny freak instead of someone committed to rid the world of Jewish-Khazar/Bolshevist mass murder in the East.

A system that made pig sty's out of churches and killed 20 million of it's own BEFORE the start of the war and another 20 million after.

Had I been in Germany in the 30's and witnessed the destruction of my country and the deaths of 3 million comrades and another 1 million innocent men, women and children after WW1...I would have been a NAZI straight off the bat and ready to wreak some Ubermanschen Revenge real quick. Fat lazy Westerners who have never been hungry and watched their kids die of starvation will NEVER relate to the context of the times.

That it degenerated to the level it did is a great tragedy, for the people involved from all sides and all races.
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