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Default Re: Hitler was a Jew!!!

There is definately something in the German psyche that is militaristic and elitist.

Perhaps the inevitable result of feeling surrounded on all sides.

I have not the SLIGHTEST doubt that the VAST majority of claims made by the current Western Institutions on the "factoids" of NAZI "bloodbaths" are COMPLETE fabrications.

No doubt a great many crimes were committed. Just as they are being committed by good Christian boys from Utah in Iraq. That is war. There has NEVER been a "nice" war...EVER. Just death and sadness.

When the West supported the mass murderer Stalin...they had to make sure it was under the nescessity of defeating a "greater" mass murderer...which, by the standards of the day...Hitler never was. But when it did get ugly...blame that on hundreds of thousands of dead innocent German women and children and flattened German cities. Blame it on the COMPLETE destruction of German had a "little" taste of what chaos brings in times that by a thousand.

I cant speak of your experiences with any authority. However, we do not judge ENTIRE peoples by the actions of a few. Will ALL of America be judged on Abu Grahib? Where video and images are SO distressing even Hersch claims he found it hard to watch.

Were your torturers "fascist"? Again we need to define the term. They were NOT fascist. Blood thirsty scum belong to all nations and all creeds for all time.

It takes men with balls to protect family and community. Something the German Volk were always prepared to do and something the average "newtered" American or generally "Western" male needs to correct.
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