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Default Re: Hitler was a Jew!!!

Also, on the specific "religion" of Hitler.

My readings indicate he respected and admired Christ as man and revoloutionary trying to correct the materialist and spiritually debased Pharisee rulers. He did not believe that Christ was..."God".

HE believed that man must take on the mantle of "Hero" to become an instrament of God. In effect he worshipped himself. Certainly the German Gods like "Wotan". Perhaps "Luciferian"?

Whatever...he wanted to protect European culture from untermenschen hoards from the East...thats EXACTLY what they were in behaviour. Albeit under the duress of the Commisar.

He believed in the highest spiritual values being embodied in the white race. In that he did not believe in purely German superiority...rather Anglo Saxon. Really, he was VERY British in outlook and was known as a COMPLETE Anglophile.

Himmler was a DEFINATE pagan by any measure and would certainly be considered New Age. He was SO evil, he even demanded herbs and medicinal plants be grown in the concentration camps to ensure the health of the inmates. Pure Evil! :-D

No, Hitler and the NAZI's were NEVER pure evil and the devil incarnate. That is PURE propaganda. They were the equivilent of the British in view and practice in my eyes.

However, nor were they angels. Like most things...the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
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