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Default Re: The Poupulation Bomb -- Or Should We Say Dud?

Read about it in New Scientist 4 or 5 years ago.

Italy expect the woman to be the mother figure, as well as augment the family income with their career. They won't do both, so vote with contraceptives to maintain income/lifestyle.

Africa women used to have 6-8 children to ensure that they would be kept into old age. AIDS has meant that many/most don't see old age, nor can they bear 6-8 children that live a normal span.

The article suggested that the population exploison would never eventuate.

As to who will look after the old...

Oz (Howard) has retrospectively changed the age at which I can access MY retirement savings from 55 to 60. He, and his state counterparts have refused retrospectivity to their own retirement schemes, as they believe that you can't retrospectively change the rules.

They will serve their own agenda, and sell my and my kid's wellbeing down the river.

Even my parents can't understand how their retirement schemes and ours are different.
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