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Default Re: Police Begin Seizing Guns in New Orleans

Are they seizing their property, too????
Of course that is part of the program, as we have already observed on this forum. That BS in the NY Times article about protecting the victims' homeowner policies is just that. Posession is nine-tenths of the law, as the old saying go. As long as the owners aren't present to begin the immediate salvage of their properties, the way is cleared for Haliburton and assorted elite scum to initiate seizure proceedings under pretenses like "public safety". Oh sure, the property owners may get some sort of perfunctory remuneration (in addition to whatever insurance they can collect), but they will never be returning to their neighborhoods again. Expect to see New Orleans rebuilt as a high end development, well beyond the economic means of its former inhabitants.
And just in case you have any doubts, let's review the end of the Times article:

The city's police department and federal law enforcement officers from agencies like United States Marshals Service will lead the evacuation, he said. Officers will search houses in both dry and flooded neighborhoods, and no one will be allowed to stay, he said.

Many of the residents still in the city said they did not understand why the city remained intent on forcing them out. both dry and flooded nieghborhoods?
Case closed.
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