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Default Re: Khezran Jews (not ancient Hebrews) " Aryan supremacy" and "master-race casteism"

Freeman I agree with you- but
as we assume, Satan disguises himself and takes many forms, sometimes It is Occultism, Feminism, Neoplatonism, Fascism,terrorism - sometimes Aryanism,Khezrinism or Panteism, and often is just a man’s lust or envy.

Let me add few sentences that,in part, might elucidate my Khezran/Aryan “Jewish” master –race Casteism theory in practice.

Even in 1996 when medical science had already developed higly sophisticated techniques
to confirm whether donated blood is contamianted with AIDS virus or not
(tests such as ELISA, Northern Blott,Wester Blott)
The Israeli Ministry of Health ,according to AFP/Reuters (Januar,1996), DECIDED TO THROW AWAY OR DESTROY ALL THE BLOOD DONATED BY ETHIOPIAN JEWS.

These 60,000 Ethiopian Jews (Falasha) wre brought to Israel in the early eighties with all the hopes and wisehs of warm reception as the “lost tribe of Israel”.
They were expecting fair and equitable treatment in their “motherland” by their “religious brothers” .
We could claim Aryan/ Khezran racism is “thicker than blood” ,but it is more correct to say that Aryan/Khezran master -cast racism is “thicker then Judaism”.

In defense of this racist Aryan decision,Ephraim Sneh, the Minister of Health, in Israel, proclaimed that
“since Ethiopian Jews came form Africa where AIDS is rampant they were a POPULATION AT HIGH RISK. IT IS MY DUTY TO PROTECT MY FELLOW CITIZENS ”.

As if African Jews blood is to thich,black or dirty to be tested and screened on AIDS.

As the Israeli newspaper Maarif reported ,blood banks all over the country were to follow this Aryan rasistic policy.

In response to this, thousands of Ethiopian Jews violently took the streets shouting and throwing stones ” WE DO NOT WANT TO BE STIGMATISED, STOP JEWISH RACISM” and
“ although our blood is not blue –it is red,not black” .

This obvious and cynical form of Aryan/Khezran racism. You let somebody go through all the physical and psychological difficulties of donating fountain of his life and as he leaves the hospital you throw it away with sarcastic, “Aryan master-race” smile.
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