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Default Re: anti-conspiracy ppl who can rationalize anything: what's the craziest you've heard?

May I answer?

My theory is this and I've stated it before so I won't BORE you with all of the details again.

(I'm trying to cut down on the exclamation marks!!!!)

It is pure denial. Period. End of story.


Because they have been brainwashed from cradle to grave to believe that America is the best country on the face of the planet.

We can do no wrong.

Everyone else is messed up.

We help other countries, save them from their troubles and brutal dictators. We do not suppress people (NOT)!!!

Our military being used to spread so-called democracy and freedom in the Middle East all the while killing and wounding thousands without legitimate reason is, to them, a proud and noble American act of patriotism.

Especially when they see the FLAG go up!!!

They don't realize that the military's foremost obligation is to protect America from imminent threat of danger and/or enemy invasion.

Not to be used as killing machines for the wealthy elitists who fire up the Military Industrial Complex so they can take-over, install their puppet dictators after their scapegoat has done his job and create depression and sadness among the American people for deep in our subconscious, we must live day to day knowing our men and women are dying and being wounded in a foregin land. We are helpless to make them stop!!

Once the wheels are set in motion, there's no telling where they will go next!

There has been much more inaccurate history available to them for too long. Brainwashing begins young and if they're not subjected to alternative points of view and don't learn in the public school system critical and cognitive thinking abilities, the other "theories" are conspiracies and, like I said, the government's campaign to discredit "conspiracy theorists" as lunatics has worked for the most part.

People who have absolutely no clue about the criminal cabal who controls America, the bankers, etc. and are not suspicious in the least bit about our government will not accept that our leaders are against us and not with us.

The concept is frightening. They block it out. Kind of like a traumatized mind control victim would.

How can they believe that our government will protect us from enemy invasion if they are responsible for decades of domestic and international political assassinations, the drug trade, pornography rings and/or a government "cult" of satanic devil worshippers?

It's too much for the brain to handle. It produces fear.

Who will protect them?? if not their government? Well, I can tell you from experience, they've never protected you!! Everything they've conspired to create is for reason and purpose. We will be a nation housing foreign troops and displaced citizens living as NOMADS!!!

It will be every man for himself!

The invasion has already begun in New Orleans. Wait until the next disaster! Who will we call on then to help us?

They have to reconstruct everything they thought they knew was true and isn't. Their reality becomes fantasy and the truth hurts. Better to remain in denial because it is so deep, so thick and well, most times, incomprehensible.

Powerless to fight against them!!
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