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Default Re: Ignorance at the Discard of the Monarch

God is the one and only "monarch", no one has a judgement pure enough. Royalty makes me sick actually. Just because my father was the king means that I am fit for kingship? Madness... Since when has any monarchy done anything good for the people in the name of justice with no strings attached? Never. God appoints his kings. Gandhi didnt wear a crown.
Ghandi was a Freemason.

You, "Anonymous", obviously have no idea about history. There are plenty of historical examples of monarchs, kings, emperors and rulers who did lots of things for the good of the people in the name of justice, honesty and truth, with no strings attached, other than to God.

Your attitude is totally Leftist: destructive, materialist, Communist.

Read and learn first-hand sources, instead of repeating old - very old! - Communist propaganda.
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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