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From The Hoffman Wire:

Editor's Note: This Circuit Court ruling is worthy of the Supreme
Soviet. Using Sept. 11, 2001 as their alibi, these federal judges have
terminated the Writ of Habeus Corpus, as well as the ancient Anglo-Saxon
right of being considered innocent until proven guilty by jury trial.

This piece of treason was written by <a href=" ">J. Michael Luttig</a>, who is under
consideration by King George II for nomination to the U.S. Supreme
. This wicked tyrant Luttig will be supported by Protestant
fundamentalists and Catholics for the vacancy on the Supreme Court, if
it can be shown that Luttig is "oposed to abortion." No other
consideration seems to matter to these one-issue voters, not even the
empowerment of Communists who masquerade as "Conservatives."

But is only abortion a sin? Isn't the imposition of a dictatorship also
a mortal sin? This 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling gives Bush the
same power as Lenin, Stalin and Mao, and it has been bequeathed by
"God-fearing, pro-life Republicans." Satan must be laughing his head
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