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Default Federalizing the National Guard

This is their goal.

Taking away the state's power to act in the event of an emergency.

The Governor called for her National Guard, but they were not forthcoming.

She did not stop them.

Bush stopped them.

He attempted to Federalize her state's National Guard.

He failed.

Now, they will proclaim to the public that in order to respond to a "natural disaster" such as Katrina, and due to the fact that the National Guard did not respond in time in Louisianna, making the Governor the scapegoat, it will be in the best interest of our country to Federalize all National Guard.

Taking away, in essence, the only military protection that the state's possess individually.

We are in deep dodo if this occurs.

You must remember, however, that something occurred within those four days of delay.

Do you believe Bush is guilty of withholding help or the Governor???

I know what you people think!

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