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Default Re: The Vicious Downward Cycle of the American Economy

thanks Barbara for the article. 'Free Trade' as a discussion is a bit of a black hole I find. It's an excuse for international theft. Economic discussions seem to trap you within their constructs.

In 1988, Canada signed a FT agreement with the US which polarized the whole Canadian electorate. I don't think the US electorate batted an eyelid until they signed their own deal with Mexico and then saw what Canadians previously saw.

Those against FT are now seeing what they feared come true in job losses and creeping poverty, although on a larger scale when looking at the US example.

Like many of these things the very label is misleading. Free Trade as has been noted in Canada is not Free nor about Trade. Our NAFTA treaty with the US and Mexico was about Investment, specifically ushering in a new age for Robber Baron capitalism. Robber Barons don't care about their domestic populations.

The drive for FT from the Reagan administration was likely to cope with the then apparent slide in Western wealth. When there was less wealth to work with they decided to deconstruct nation states. The shake up that ensued would then serve as a cover for all the re-organization, and impoverishment.

If we had stayed with the nation state models still evident in the 1980's we might have hit an embarassing wall a lot sooner.
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