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Default Re: Worlds Before Our Own or Why Darwin is Full of......Prunes

I have posted numerous times previously about the work of novelist Rene Noorbergen who has documented the discovery of these archealogical "ooparts" (acronym for out of place artifacts). Noorbergen has made most of the observations and conclusions of this article, i. e., that what we consider to be "primitive" civilizations were at some point as advanced -- or even more so -- than our own.
Also, it is significant to note that the green nuclear glass found in many desert regions of the world also portends that carbon-12 dating may be useless as a tool for establishing the age of artifacts, since a higher than normal background level of radiation would skew the results.
Finally, I regard the "crustal displacement" theory as little more than a desperate attempt of secular humanist thinking to shore up its defenses. The nature of the artifacts discovered, such as the Iraqi dry cell battery. indicates that they often embody technologies only recently discovered but in vastly differing packaging and aesthetics; therefore, it seems ludicrous to suppose that they represent newer technologies that have slipped deeper into the earth's crust due to earthquake or other seismic distrubances. Also, the Armageddon-type scenario associated with such an explanation belies the fact that the world has survived long enough for me to type this post in reply.
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