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Default Re: 5 Days With Katrina

After viewing these pics...i blame the government of Georgy porgy a lot less...not blameless, but a lot less.

Sorry, I'm not buying into this little photo log disinfo campaign.
First, the person supposedly narrating the events just happens to a native Nicaraguan (making it more difficult to check credentials/affiliations), yet has an amazing command of the American vernacular, right down to idiom and slang terms -- and more perfect grammar and syntax than our president.
Also, I find it difficult to believe that this person was able to move about the entire city (a distance of several square miles) so freely in the aftermath of this catastrophe when we have been told by other credible sources that police and/or troops were consistently harassing and repulsing any individuals found out on the streets. At one point, the narrator even claims to have asked for a "police escort" to assist in leaving the city.
In fact, the convenient coincidence of a photo journalist just happening to be available to document the entire hurricane's effect on downtown New Orleans (a city deserted by authorities and contained via martial law) seems highly unlikely to me.
Also the compeltely unfavorable depiction of looters, even the supposition that they lit a fire to a Footlocker store after picking its shelves clean, smells of bias to me. As well as the photos of a line of trucks and resuce vehicles, with the claim that "help was coming from everywhere", with no way for the viewer to ascertain the exact timing of the photo -- or any of the photos in this blog.
Finally, if the version of events as depicted by this individual is true, then it is evident that the rainfall from the Hurricane was NOT sufficient by day three to have breached the levees. The photos of the first two days' damage indicate almost no flooding to the interior of the city, despite what appears to be a highly inferior storm drainage system, especially in the older quarters of the city. If what this person is alleging about the storm activiy is true, then it lends a lot more credibility to Dr. Henry and others who have suspected sabotage tot he levies all along.
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