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Default Re: Hindu Cosmology

I think it is also important to understand that all of the advanced technologies and knowledge of these ancient civilizations did not ensure their survivial. Wisdom as a singular commodity, devoid of any complementary concept of spirituality, is futile and counterproductive. Man's attempts to ascend to the level of God by acquiring more knowledge have always and will always fail miserably. This is the hole in the secular humanist doughnut. This is why all of these once great ancient societies whose technical and scientific advancements may have far superseded our own are still resigned to the ashes of history.
In fact, I even believe that King Solomon committed a grievous error when he asked God for the blessing of wisdom in order to rule his people more capably. He should have asked for a "double portion of spirit" like the prophet Elisha when he succeeded Elijah, for wisdom was insufficient to prevent Solomon from lapsing into paganism and abomination later in his life. Although he took the kingdom of Israel to its earthly zenith, he also insured its imminent demise by initiating Israel's spiritual defection from God.
Wisdom without spirituality is like unrefined ore.
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