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Default Re: Is Anyone Following the Gaza Strip Situation?

<a href="">The confusing world of an IDF sniper</a>

IDF snipers ... " A special breed "
[img align=right][/img][img align=right][/img]

Snipers are used during IDF raids

Before the IDF begins a assault they plant snipers on roof tops.

IDF plant snipers in empty buildings

The night before the raid

As in the Balata camp the IDF inserted 22 crack snipers. Most were placed on rooftops but some were put into Arab apartments.
[img align=left][/img]

Balata refugee camp

[img align=left][/img]
A typical ' Kill '

This was Sgt Sholmo Penski's first kill. It was a 200 yard shot with a 14 MPH wind. He use a Galil sniper rifle with a 4x to 12x Bausch and Lomb scope.[img align=right][/img]

It's not always glamorous

Sometimes nature calls and you have to make the best of it

Often the young pranksters defecate in a bucket and then mix it with urine.

Then the rascals will throw it on the Arabs cloth's line wash or in their rooftop watertanks.[img align=left][/img] [img align=left][/img] [img align=left][/img]

The IDF is not all ' Guns and bullets '

[img align=left][/img]On 31 December 2001

The Israeli soldiers stationed on the roof of the Palestinian woman Naziha Abu Dahood broke into her bedroom early in the morning. She was alone with a sick child when she saw the Israeli soldier exposing his penis and telling her that he "had a big one for her which is better than the small one she had".
When he husband tried to stop the soldiers they killed him. He denies all charges[img align=left][/img]

Loyal Jewish settlers bring the boys a present

[img align=left][/img]

<a href="">Dr. Tayseer</a>

During the nights, the Jewish squatters used to bring drugs for the soldiers on my roof.

[img align=right][/img][img align=right][/img]

Col Abraham Melnick

" These charges are absurd "

An IDF man will always make do

There is plenty of time for romance according to Dr Zahdeh

The soldiers were giving each other drug injections.

After that they would sit on the floor breathing heavily for hours, later often making sex with each other. Sometimes they would make sex with soldier women, but it was more common to to see the men have anal sex with each other.

Most nights when they had no sex, they would resort to shouting abuse at me and "asking" me to have sex with them. They would continue making noise in this way until the morning.

He saw them taking heroine injections in front of his private room, were he and his family hid themselves from the soldiers. Dr. Zahdeh also saw them fucking each other.

He took the used syringes and used them to back the story, but the military commander said that these syringes were used by Dr. Tayseer. The commander forgot that the IDF syringes have a special colour which is not allowed to be used by Palestinians.

A brewing scandal

Jerusalem Post Daily
January 12, 2003
Saul Glick

New recruits are now reporting sexual abuse.

It seems that IDF snipers on long assignments are requesting spotters. Their only qualification is ' Good looks '. Sounds like ' Boy Toys ' to this reporter.
[img align=right][/img]

Seth Malatov has an accident

" Sometimes an overdose can hurt "
[img align=right][/img]
Through one event on my roof, one soldier fell from the roof. He was breathing with difficulty and raving on the street the as if he was dying. I called the IDF headquarter and asked for a military ambulance to take this soldier.

When the unit officer came to check the story, the soldier claimed that he was having an ”epilepsy attack”.

Things can get a ' Little rough ' on new recruit '

IDF Pvt Rachel Vetroyski

Russian émigré

Jerusalem Post Online

An ambulance was brought to a Ramallah checkpoint. Rachel was rushed to Jerusalem hospital where her mother is waiting. Doctors said she appeared to be suffering from a esctacy overdose.

She had severe trauma and was incoherent. Possible rape charges[img align=left][/img]

The IDF cracks down

1. Settlers smuggle drugs in sandals 2. Israelis make arrest 3. Middlemen

<a href="">Sniper article from Gaza</a>

<a href="">Israelis shoot zoo animals</a>

<a href="">IDF Sniper Shoots 7-year Old</a>
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