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Default Sex Abuse

When the Government & Legal system are the Organized CRIME in CANADA, we honor CHILD RAPEST.
The Federal Government is allowing the Credability & Reputation of the Police & The Legal System, to be distroyed to protect ONE Corrupt Lawyer, Politician, Judge, Child Rapest & now member of THE ORDER OF CANADA .This man has broken every law he swore to protect. Because this X-Justice Minister and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, raped and impregnated my 12 year old sister, and covered it up his entire career, no one will help us. To this day, no lawyer will represent me and the legal system will do nothing to help. The last lawyer I asked to represent me, told me, if any lawyer tried to represent you, it would mean the end of their career. Visit my web site at I Name Him Here For 18 Months Now he is Chief Justice T. Alex Hickman. Liberal MP Bill Matthews also impregnated the same child at age 14. The 2 children are named Majorie & Aaron.

Byron Prior

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