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Default Re: It's the end of the World

Draken wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:

WASHINGTON - A Pentagon planning document being updated to reflect the doctrine of pre-emption declared by President Bush in 2002 envisions the use of nuclear weapons to deter terrorists from using weapons of mass destruction against the United States or its allies.
If you look at the situation from the "terrorists'" point of view, wouldn't Pentagon and Bush look like terrorists using WMD, by their own standard?

Couldn't the "terrorists" be "envisioning the use of nuclear weapons to deter" PENTAGON & BUSH "from using weapons of mass destruction"?
All one has to do is listen to Myron Fagan's audio files about the NWO to realize that this is the same bloody script being used to demonize the United States as a revived Nazi EVIL EMPIRE!
\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

--Andrew Carnegie
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