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Default Re: Israeli general escapes arrest by London police's anti-terrorist unit

Because he had not passed border
control, he was not considered to have entered Great Britain and
therefore could not be handed an arrest warrant.
Oh, sure, there's a normal interpretation of international law, right, gents? You and I could expect as much consideration, if say, we were wanted by the Crown on some outstanding parking tickets, could we not?

One of the partners in the firm is Daniel Machover, who has dual British
and Israeli citizenship. Machover told Haaretz on Sunday that his
clients and his firm "were deeply sorry that Almog slipped away from the
British justice system, but the fact that he feels that he cannot stand
up to it, is at least significant in showing that there is no immunity
for war criminals in Britain."
Uh-huh. You tell 'em, counselor.
...Can anybody say MAHABONE?
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