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Default Re: Earthquakes/Tsunami attacks? Asia stands divided against dollar and euro

WTF? my jaw is on the floor...

How can humanity be so inhumane?

Tere's gonna be hell to pay...what goes around, comes around.

I agree with your warning Freeman. Aftershocks... that's a point. Have their been aftershocks? When I lived in Ca, these things usually rumbled on a few times after the event... pretty close to the event too...

Dumb question: have there been aftershocks?

I've never been in one (an earthquake), that shook just the one time. They'd pause and rattle on a bit less, and a bit less, and finally they'd stop.

I smell a rat of a 911 variety and he's trying to shit on Christmas in another corner of the world, as usual, if I'm not mistaken.

A theory in the advertising.

911 sends off the alarm bells psychologically as date of event is the actual numerical numbers one dials in the case of an emergency. You can plainly see how that one works. Hogwart's henry! It's all in the advertising!

Daniel Goldberg(?), taught me in a book, "Emotional intelligence", that is possible to high jack emotions through the fight or flight response when a person is mentally reminded, in any way, of highly emotionally charged event. Constantly making those towers fall over and over again, ingrained that picture of events in our minds to be used for further programming. Fu#king bastards!!!!!!!

The result being a stunned deer in the headlights.... sheeple follow me,I'll protect you from the Osama boogieman and steal your freedom from under your Christian voting noses, while I completely rip apart the good 'ol U.S. of A; just like what Richard whatever did in Pretty Woman, after he bought up a company. The new owner of said company dismantled it and sold off the best bits for cash, and screw the little doobie making the donuts.

That is Monsters Inc - the New World Order scaring one child at a time, the world over. They won't be happy until we are all living their nightmare. back on track cuz it's not gonna happen.

German dude got us thinking about terror attacks and houston... this is NLP stuff.

I think he might have been letting us know to highly question what the Christmas season was to bring, as a gift from Houston.

Could be he was just egging us on and that's where my mind is leading to. Just a thought.

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