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Default Re: becoming change agents... the other side does it!!!

Beleive me...all jokes aside...i took 4 hours responding to an all out assault over the WTC and the ridiculous el crapo report over it's collapse. This was at a Oz forum...Inside Politics. A few of us conspiracy nutters decided to attack in an organised fashion.

We used just the official report and well informed criticism of it by the NYFD etc...still, it was not enough to even "pique" the interest of the well informed slobs of Oz.

People are DEEPLY indoctrinated and will perform mental gymnastics to avoid unpleasant news.

THUMPER, i saw your postings at one of the forums you go to. I give credit to your ability to keep your cool while under assault. I simply cant do it.

Perhaps I'm having a bad week or month. I am turning more and more to the view that if they make their beds they can lie in it. All of us have worked it out. Where are we? Mars? We live here too.

Maybe we should give ourselves credit. Waking up is not easy and maybe not everyone is meant too. Like a form of social Darwinism...those that have ears will listen...those that dont will perish first.

As a wise man once said to me as I lamented the state of the nation..."Fuck 'em".

The vast and ignorent middle class are worse than ignorent...they are self destructive to the point of infinite stupidity.

A simple example...A woman argued that i was "over the top" for telling her that "Hell Boy", a movie with large monsters that eat people in full colour, might not be suitable for her 9 year old daughter. I could recount 100 situations like this where human beings have forgone ALL capacity for any semblence of common sense and simple moral judgement.

If people cant tell the basics of right and wrong..? I mean, i'll see 100 examples of this in a week. Large fanged beasts eating a man in full colour...and thats all right for a 9 year old female child? Where is the moral compass that says..."Hmmmm, perhaps thats not suitable for my 9 year old".
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