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Default Re: becoming change agents... the other side does it!!!

There is an article by Don Harkins from the 2001 Idaho Observer entitled Slavery and the eight veils. Even if you do not believe the end result it does confirm that most people will just not wake up. I did once attack a "conservative" web forum. They just dismiss you as a moonbat, thorazine needing idiot. If you point out obvious faults in their logic, they ignore it.
Yes, this stuff gets old and makes one tired but I would still rather know what I do. Kind of feels like coming out of adolescence and finding out there is much more to the world than loud rock music, realizing that the party is over, and there is nothing more you want that this culture can offer. I do fear that if a significant percentage of the population did wake up then we would all have some real problems.
Yes, I still try on occasion, and yes they still call me moonbat. Just pick your arguments carefully.
Hey, what the hell. Pick one.
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