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Default Re: Hitler was rewarded for his service

I believe it is probable that Rotschilds and Illuminati saved Hitler since he carried out effectively Illuminati plan to initiate World War II. Saving his life was reward for his services and clear message to all other Illuminati that they will be rewarded for their cooperation.

Hitler was an experiment in which Rotschilds wanted to test human beings susceptibility for submission to (hidden) “Jewish King”. The same situation was with Stalin.They played game with Germans who adored Hitler not knowing that he was actualy Jew- Kabbalist and one of the Rotschilds. Hitler was kabalistic “trial” King just like Stalin (Jewgashvili – “son of a Jew”).

As we all know WWII actualy destroyed “National States World Order” since it resulted in creation of United nations. WWII brought communists on power in East Eurasia to finaly defeat east Europen national pride. On the ruins of national states ,after the WWII, illuminati created European Union or new Kabbalistic Khazaria and paved way for establishment of New World Order .

Why didn’t he win the war? Well, it was not planned by illuminati. He was just “trial” King.
And WWII served as a cunning excuse for launching “peacful unification of nations and states”
i.e. New World Order
Rotschilds saved their “cousin” Hitler and rewarded him for his “brilliant” service to kabablsitic New World Order and leadership in creating Jewish Khazaria.

Hugh Thomas ( surgeon and forensic expert of international repute, examined the corpses of some Reich leaders. He recently suggested in a BBC broadcast that the leading members of the Nazi government kept doubles or look-alikes (doppelgangers).

Scotland Yard made a painstaking six-month investigation of Thomas' claims and then announced that its finds would remain suppressed from the public.
A hundred-year ban (,3858,4145008,00.html) on material relating to Himmler's death raises suspicions of international conspiracy.
Not all Jews are the Freemasons-but all the Freemasons are the \"Jews\".
\"Come,I will give you some from the Synagogue of Satan,those that call themselves Jews but aren\'t - on the contrary they are lying...\"
Revelation 3:9 (Jewish New Testament)
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