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Default Re: America is Bankrupt

"Americans are always boasting about how they are the richest and the freest, etc., etc. But from the eyes of this American son, America’s twilight has fallen. It is getting dark. I cannot see any way out of the disaster you folks are headed for. The problems are too numerous, the needed debate unheard, and the psyche already destroyed."

In other words, decades of "mind control" upon the masses has worked wonders for them.

Attempting to destroy our hearts, our minds and our souls from the inside out leaving us powerless to fight against them.

Getting and keeping us in debt to them is their number one control mechanism.

I agree completely about the needed debate. It doesn't happen. We have one bulldog from each side pitted against the other like two boxers in a ring.

It's not about debate. It's about who can throw the best jab and meanest punch.

Third World Country, anyone?

"We have not yet seen our darkest hour."
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