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Default Re: It's the end of the World

The only way for the US to be brought down for sure would be an all-out nuke attack from Russia. Or maybe a scalar weapons attack, if such story is indeed true. And when it happens, you can be damn sure it is the Great Tribulation coming. Get a Bible and start reading Revelation.

Any other kind of attack would do little to undermine the tremendous power of the US. A dirt radioactive bomb in a city ? What effect would it have on the fleet of atomic subs or the ICBMs ? None. A suitcase bomb in Phoenix ? The aircarriers would be sailing anyway.

My guess is that the US will have to go down eventually. As a Christian, I believe this whole mess is the preparation for the coming of the New Age, Masonic antiChrist. The US is the only real resistance to his new world order, and will have to go. The Gog Magog war, (invasion of the Middle East by Russia and allies) will have to be preceded by a preemptive strike on the US (commercial Babylon). Otherwise, how could they invade Israel unthreatened ?
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