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Default Re: America is Bankrupt

Indebted to them for the rest of our lives.

Working like slaves for "pigeon droppings."

"How to Create a Third World Country"

Install a "brutal" dictatorship covertly.

Brainwash the masses from cradle to grave to believe they are free and mighty and control the government through false information.

Suppress those who are less fortunate.

Create an environment that causes psychological disorders in your slaves.

Addictions, etc.

Withhold health care for the poor and elderly.

Release viruses that attack specific ethnic groups.

Control the airwaves and publishing companies so the TRUTH can never set us free.

Use "scare" tactics on the masses.

Terrorize the people in order to affect a "transference of power," silence, neutralize and contain them.

Create "civil" war.

Insite division of society through moral, ethical, social, economic and political differences.

Pump drugs into our country, targeting our schools and children.

Disallow the development of critical thinking in our public education system.

Send our jobs overseas;

etc., etc., etc., etc.,
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