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Default Re: Earthquakes/Tsunami attacks? Asia stands divided against dollar and euro

I don’t know if any of you guys went into the site “Godlike Productions” - &showdate=
pinpointed by Henry Makow, in his article “Another 9-11 Warning from German Intelligence?”, this is where the on-line chat w/ the “German Guy” takes place. I went there when Henry first wrote his article, & then again just moments before writing this “thread” & noticed the following piece written by “Anonymous Coward” - 12/30/2004 - 3:49 pm EST.

Now, put aside the speculations.

What are the chances that the biggest Earthquake in 40 years happened exactly 23 hours before (UTC) of the announced 12/27? There are pretty low.

Then, as someone else mentioned, Houston and payload could be a code. The center for all manned space flight operations of NASA is in Houston and precisely to the minute, one hour before the earthquake, the Russian Progress transporter docked with the ISS:

At the very minute of the earthquake, the ISS was at the antipode of the epicenter, that means, at the farthest position away from it on Earth.
That itself is not that important, mere another nice coincidence. However, from December 10 to January 1, the epicenter is never visible from the ISS: pecified&TZ=CET&satid=25544&Date=38341.4583333333& Mag=

That means, if there was something strange going on, like exploding some kind of weapon near the epicenter, no one on Earth and ISS could have seen it.
He mentions the fact that “at the very minute of the earthquake, the ISS was at the antipode of the epicenter,” “at the farthest position away from “it” on Earth.” Then he goes on to say that, “That itself is not that important, mere another nice coincidence.” Well I disagree, I think that if there is any relationship between the two, the fact that the ship was completely opposite to “it” on the other side of the planet might have some significant relevance. For example & theoretically speaking, & of course, if this information can be verified to be true, if “it” was triggered by a Tesla energy discharge, that would make the mathematics of the “transmitted beam” perfectly even. Think about it…

Reference: Nikola Tesla - Re: The Most Hated Scientist of the New World Order
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