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Default Re: Why did the illuminati take hold in Europe in particular?

Don't give the kazar and askenazi more credit than they deserve.

Before the greeks dominated; all the world super powers where asian or middle eastern, until the israelites where taken in captivity into what is now iraq and iran formerly know as babilonia.

2 hundred years later you would note the decline of the eastern world as a power center.(i wonder why)

When the jews had destroyed the asian powers, they set there sites toward the west toward rome then spain (Spain had the good sense of getting rid of them and they eventualy arrived in england where they have been since then.

These isralites decendants of those that where taken into captivity where neither kazar nor askenazi they where pure isralites that had accepted satan as there god and the kabala as there guide. The askenazi are mostly kazarian and the kazarian are pagan converts of satanic jewdaism.

They have been in hold in europe as they did in asia and will let go when there is nothing of value to them, then maybe china.

There succes has more to do with there acceptence of satan as there god than with any overstated inteligence they might have.

(You will notice that world power has been on a continious shift to the west since antiquity) and the jews following behind. (not leading) as always
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