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Default Re: It's the end of the World

As long as she keeps her power suit on...grrrrrr.

I'm positive Chernobyl was a test. It went well and the land has recovered rapidly. Rare species of animals have returned as well as vegetation. All thanks to the relocation of the human population.

3 trillion is missing. Vast bunker complexes exist throught the U.S. I have heard rumours they exist also in Oz. ELite from the U.S, Europe and Asia are moving down under and buying up property hand over fist.

They are prepared to nuke most of the planet...they need however the high moral ground. Make sure your neighbour knows who the culprits are.

"They" cannot launch the missiles...they must create the conditions. Tell all you can just who to lynch when the dust cloud clears and they show their faces.
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