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Default Re: Has studying the NWO brought you closer to God?

Anglicans toughen stance on Israel
From correspondents in London

ANGLICAN Church leaders have voted to call on their member churches to reconsider their investments in Israel, British newspapers reported today.

The Anglican Consultative Council, including the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, voted unanimously for the motion.

The resolution calls on the church to pressure companies involved in Israel's activities in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, The Guardian reported.

"Moves towards disinvestment represent a flawed and disastrous course," said Rabbi Barry Marcus, who holds the Israel portfolio in British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks' cabinet.

"They will do nothing to advance the twin causes of security for Israel and statehood for the Palestinians," The Times quoted him as saying.,5478,15726484%255E1702+,00.html
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