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Default Re: Has studying the NWO brought you closer to God?

Thought I'd respond on this one...

Yes learnring about NWO has brought my faith right up to speed.

Faith is what I live in... cuz I have to. It's my faith that gets me through some very mad circumstances indeed.

One could say that it was because of my self belieif or will power, I have charged on through. But I don't think so.

I believe in God. I believe in a higher power, whether it be a collective conscious or a sole being I don't know.

I believe that there is a grand master plan and that the earth is Eden. We have come to God's green earth, His vision of a heavenly place and we are fucking up.

I detest religion. Oldest form of politics on the earth - controlling people through fear - fear of death. And the Christian symbol of being crucified along with all folks being born sinners is hogwash to me.

The my God is better than your God is also a bunch of hoowie! God is God.

Learning about the NWO has made me realise that a little faith can go a long way and made me appreciate what I can only consider as divine help. Shit happens in my life for the bad, through the NWO way of thinking and reality - I swallow that....also amazing things happen which I can only place as miracles.

I can focus on what is good and be aware of what is bad or I can focus only on what is bad and end up with a head ache and a disbelief in God. Sounds like what they want me to think.

God is a powerful real force in my life and I am not religious whatsoever. I do have my faith though.

Mary XXX
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