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Default Re: Why did the illuminati take hold in Europe in particular?

Certainly, nomad.

The current situation is that the Zionist/Khazars are very race-conscious and try to foster a self-knowledge and awareness of race within their own race, while trying to deny this self-awareness and knowledge of race in other races, via indoctrination, disinformation, propaganda and outright lies.

My growing suspicion and realization is that the race issue in general is key to understanding history and its obscure, underlying currents of power. They are only obscure if one doesn't include the factor of race.

Truth is, there are racial diffences bewteen different people. Differences in mentality, attitude, spirituality, psychic abilities and leanings, etc. Nobody can say there's no difference between a Chinese person and a Bushman from the Serengeti Plain.
The differences lie in every aspect of their being, from the physical to the mental, psychic and spiritual.

This is by no means saying that there's a value attached to belonging to this or that race. It's just a fact, a truth, without relative value.

Coming back to the point, I think that one of the characteristics of this present age we live in, The Iron Age or Kali Yuga - being an age of dissolution, disintegration, destruction and degeneration - is ability of one race to prosper on all other people's expense.
This might be a hard thing to say about a whole people. But again, I try not to attach any relative value to this fact. We all seem to agree this particular type of people, namely the Khazar converts to Judaism, but more to the point, converts to the Kabbalah, really DO rule the world today, via their use (abuse?) of Magic; turning it into Black Magic.

Looking around us we see the effects everywhere of that abuse of Magic. Somehow, I think the false doctrine of the Equality Between Races - propagated by the race MOST fanatical about keeping their race pure - lies at the very heart of this issue.

One has to have a certain leaning towards the desire to use occult power for personal gain, which I believe we see the evidence of all around us. Conversely, I believe one can definately use the same occult power for the spiritual benefit of many, instead of just a few. This occult (meaning HIDDEN, once and for all!) power seems at present to be in the hands of evil, spiritually degenerated people, and they do anything in their power to hide the source of it, from us. It's a sad fact that most Westerners live far below their intellectual, spiritual level, having lost all connection to their Divine Self. This is to a large part due to the corruption of their souls, the degeneration of their spirit by these Black Magicians.

The fact the Magical Powers are in the hands of spiritually corrupted people is another sign of the times.

Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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