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Default Re: "3 Days Of The Condor". Oil Price - Collapse the economy and win the trifecta!

TB, I decided a long time ago not to argue the oil point with you. I asked a one sentence question and look at the anger it provoked. I know your volatility well enough to stay away from your flames.

That one sentence summed up the weakness. Yes I have looked into the anti-fossil fuel idea. My sentence assumed it was possible. I also, as you should know, assume that forces can manipulate a situation, make a scam etc. Of course they are saving deposits the greedy bastards. But PO is simply about demand exceeding supply. I won't disturb your viewpoint.

The Condor quote, I have seen the movie, seems to point out that when supplies become shaky the US population won't care what black ops the CIA gets up to as long as they secure the supply. You can take the movie premise to be an Israeli justification for middle east involvement.
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