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Default Re: PM outlines tougher anti-terrorism laws

I've come across that too, Shannow.

"Nothing to hide, then there isn't a problem, mate"

Instead of having a healthy fear of institution, many Australians prefer to distrust each other. I've discussed this till I've been in blue in the face, but it always seems to come down to "the end justifies the means" for them.

It's the culture, not the people. It's like viewing the cup half empty instead of full... or Tall Poppy Syndrome squared.

Dunno what one can do but live your own life the way you see fit, and ignore the rest. It's just increasingly difficult to do so when you know that every day, your numerous fellow residents in a general consensus consider you uncivilized/barbaric/inhumane/uncultured and actively add to authority's powers to prevent you from living according to your conscience, instead of theirs.

Like tonight, there was a spot on the evening news about a Magpie at a Gippsland nature preserve which has repeatedly dive bombed visitors and had a go at their heads. Two women who had been "attacked" were interviewed, and mentioned the fear and suffering they've experienced. Apparently from what I could gather, the magpie was to be neutured according to the swift action of the state government, after being humanely trapped with a stooge female magpie in a box.

(call me barbaric, but a slingshot, 4/10, or a tennis racket would have done the trick. That's totally aside from the fact that Magpies are territorial, it IS a nature preserve, and if these people are traumatized over a bird doing his bird thing, the world is truly coming to a pathetic end).
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