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Default Re: "3 Days Of The Condor". Oil Price - Collapse the economy and win the trifecta!

I gaurantee THIS, you hav'nt read a SINGLE one of the references I pointed people to. Have you? Inparticular, have you read Thomas Golds "Deep Hot Biosphere". No, you hav'nt. Be cause you would know that theories postulate that the Earth has the basic ingrediants in HUGE quantities.

Supply and demand is not the issue. They are easily controlled via technology and simple rules for consumption. Old technology has existed for years that would gaurantee an easy existence for the human race and that does'nt include sexy zero point energy etc...

The point of the post is the OBVIOUS sham of it all. Not whether Peak Oil exists...but that RIGHT OBVIOUS con job is in place.

If you cant get amazed by that...well have missed the point.

You live in Canada dont you? I suggest you make some serious plans for your future. is not about "saving deposits". It is about "cutting off" the energy supply and imploding the U.S economy inparticular. The threat of freezing to death will ensure a complient population who will be lining up at the recruiters office to go and fight for the Globalists. the point.

Profits have little, if anything to do with the final goal.

It is a matter of life and death. THAT is why I rant on about it...not because I LOVE breathing car fumes.
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