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Default Re: Why did the illuminati take hold in Europe in particular?

...Hitler as the greatest magicians who ever lived. The only analogy I can derive from that is that Hitler seemed to be able to almost hypnotize his followers into unwavering fealty.
Rommel called this "the sunshine cure".

Younger line officers were often sent to Hitler to give him "the facts" on the front line condition. Hitler despised the Prussian Officer Corp so decorated line officers were often sent to "give the old man" the truth.

Sure enough, time after time, these Captains and Colonol's returned to their division commanders full of fight and ready to win the war once again. All thanx to an Adolph pep talk.

Hitler was an optimist at heart and loved a "cause". Especially a lost one. As Aries types do. He also had an ability to think strategically and tactically down to tiny details and would impress his audience with his grasp of ALL area's of the war. It also helped that he was, after 1943, completely off his tits on Meth most of the time...full of beans and "shining eyes".

Hitler was not "into" the occult as such. He was, i believe, a rationalist who often said..."i cannot overstate the importence of my own intellect". His religion was his cause...turning Europe into the center of world culture and art. For that he believed he was divinely chosen...maybe he was.

Hitler would fit into the Pentagon beautifully today and get on well with the likes of Thomas Barnett.

I wonder about the stories of the deeply ingrained use of "occult" practices in NAZI ideology. Pagan to be sure...but occult in the sense of what it's used here?
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