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Default Re: Why did the illuminati take hold in Europe in particular?

By accusing Hitler of being somehow influenced by the Occult...we diminish the man into, yet again...another caricature other than what he was.

He was a leader of men.

He was brave and modest.

He was highly intelligent and artistic.

He took on EVERYONE and very nearly won! Without gigantic treason from within...Hitler had the war won.

What guts! And he looked after his people!

Dont think I am some Ultra Right Wing NAZI lover...Hitler was no angel. But by the standards of the day, minus the ridiculous lies about him, he was a great leader...because...he WAS.

Nothing more and nothing less.

EVERYONE who met him described him as polite, quietly spoken and caring of their needs and current situation. Watch the doco on Trudle Junge his secretary, "Blind Spot: Hitlers Secretary". It's what the docudrama "Der Untergang" or "Downfall" is based on.

So what are we to believe of him? History is written by the victors. The same people who created and supported a murderous, Godless tyranny called Communism. Responsable for more mysery and murder than ANY system in human history.
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