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Default Re: becoming change agents... the other side does it!!!

I think becoming a change agent is a great idea, but isn't the idea of leaving the sheep to their own devices kind of contradictory to what we want to achieve?
Speak to those who will listen but do not scatter your energies.

You cannot wrap people up in cotton wool. Sooner or later, all people must accept responsability for their actions or lack of action. It is simple.

I am not advocating joining the powers that be in oppression of the sheep. I am advocating accepting a pat on the back for waking up. I no longer bother trying to "convert" people. I simply could'nt care less about them as it is NOT my responsability.

My responsability is to my own actions and the results there of.

If we beleieve in a higher power then we must accept that there will be many different ways.

Waking up, is in large measure a choice. We make choices EVERY day. I choose not to buy shit be it cultural shit or shit food. I choose NOT to watch Big Brother, Australian Idol and the hundreds of other peices of noise polloution put out. You can choose NOT to partake in it...however, thousands do.

And then...they call you a "kook".

The whole point is God gives you a choice. That is His test.
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