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Default Re: becoming change agents... the other side does it!!!

TB, I know what you're getting at. But I still think it's our duty to inform people. Especially the people we care about. What they DO with that info is totally up to them, though. You can lead a hores to water...
We dont disagree. I still plan on speaking out...but I dont give a toss if people dont listen. In fact..."let them eat cake".

Perhaps it's just a phase but I feel incredibly good lately now that i realise (personally) that I dont have to feel guilty for not saving the world by next Thursday.

There are NO victims...only the spiritually and morrally degenerant.

No one paid the $50 a week I had to find to pay a professional to sort my life out. They were out blowing it on grog and drugs...i "chose" to sort myself face myself. All in my early 20's.

Always "the system". "Oh the system made me do it!" NEVER personal responsability.

Christ was not just all "huggy huggy, kissy kissy"...He was about personal responsability before God and the Truth! I do believe The Christ gave good bollickings to a great many people as well as spreading the word of love and tolerence...but one part of his message in my eyes.

I reserve the right to peer down in complete and utter contempt at fat, beer swilling, foul mouthed :-? , stupid sport loving, ignorent, dickhead fellow Australians.

They will get the cosmic justice they deserve in the coming years and I could'nt care less.

I have done the hard yards and am reaping my reward as I should. It is all God requires from me.

Good to see you here WASH.

Yes DRAK! I needed to read that.

Perhaps it's just a passing phase but I'm tired of making excuses for people.
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