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Default Re: Look Out! China's Comin Ta Get Ya! Booga, Booga!!!!

China has NO capacity to invade Taiwan. N-O-N-E.

Taiwan is one of the most heavily defended islands in the world.

The bunkers, nuclear weapons will perhaps be unleashed...but to kill us...not "them".

ALL talk of war is rubbish...ashes in everyones mouth. War has the role of NOTHING but centralizing power around the state. There is NO plan for China or Russia or the U.S to attack anyone but defensless morons like Iran.

The war to come will be to eliminate us.

The U.S could knock off the entire planet 30 times and still have left overs for next week. Would any member of the Elite risk annhialation for...what?

FREEMAN...want to know how the U.S could defeat the Chinese tomorrow? They could stop their part in the 50 billion a month direct investment in their economy.

China is owned and operated by the West...period.

Putin and Schroeder are bosom buddies. ALL of the so called tension is pure theater. A Punch and Judy show for the peasants.

The goal is one world government with regional power brokers.

The problem is not the Elite who run the U.S...they want it to. It's the general peasantry. You must have their permission. To do that they put out this shit about coming war. War will come...but under the pretense of that evil nutter Bush...the U.N will have the moral high ground and U.S peasants will be begging for Blue Hats to restore order.

China is in such serious internal trouble they face massive rioting and general chaos. They have 800 million "useless eaters" in the central provinces who object to gigantic dams flooding there ancestoral homes. The Chinese Elite have been hoping for a massive Flu outbreak to knock them all off. For all we know it could already have started in their.

By any measure of war capacity China has zilch. It cannot project it's power. It's armed forces are geared towards internal security with a tip of high tech that the U.S would knock flat in 5 minutes...or 6 if they are dunking donuts while pressing red buttons.

The 800 pound gorilla continues to be Uncle Sam and will not be ending any time soon. The U.S may not be able to occupy a country...but they can sure bomb the fuck out one. There is nothing more relished by U.S generals than the chance to annihalate China with the U.S conventional arsenal backed up by a massive nuke cover.

So what..China throws over a few nukes...for the Generals, all the better.
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